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Storz & Bickel Venty

Storz & Bickel Venty

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Introducing the VENTY, our fastest device yet and the pioneer of its kind in featuring an adjustable airflow. Despite its portability, this unit boasts exceptional efficiency, heating up in just 20 seconds, while delivering an impressive airflow of 20 liters per minute at maximum capacity. If you're seeking an all-around performer from S&B, the VENTY is the vaporizer for you!

The VENTY offers adjustable airflow of up to 20 liters per minute, ensuring optimal vaping experience. Its rapid heating capability means you can enjoy your session in no time, with a mere 20 seconds required for heat-up. Equipped with our newly designed convection & conduction mini-heater, it guarantees no burning, only rich, flavorful vapor clouds.

With precise temperature control ranging from 40°C to 210°C directly on the device, you can tailor your experience to your preference. The USB-C charging feature, including Supercharge functionality, enables an 80% charge in just 40 minutes when using a +15V @ 3A power supply, such as the Supercharger.

The VENTY also offers Bluetooth connectivity and Web App control for added convenience. It incorporates Boost & Superboost functionalities, along with 2 high-power Lithium-Ion batteries, ensuring extended use without compromise. UL-certified and backed by a 2-year warranty, extendable to 3 years upon registration, the VENTY promises reliability and peace of mind.
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