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RAW Classic

RAW Classic

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RAW Classic rolling papers are one of the most popular and widely recognized brands in the world of smoking accessories. Manufactured by RAW, a company known for its commitment to providing high-quality, all-natural products, RAW Classic rolling papers are made from unbleached, natural fibers, giving them a distinctive brown color.

These rolling papers are free from additives, dyes, and chemicals, ensuring a clean smoking experience. RAW Classic papers are known for their thinness, which allows for a slow, even burn, preserving the flavor of your smoking material without altering it.

Available in various sizes and formats, including 1 1/4, and king size. RAW Classic rolling papers cater to the preferences of different smokers. With their emphasis on sustainability and quality, RAW Classic rolling papers have become a favorite choice among smokers who prioritize natural, unprocessed smoking accessories.
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