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Puffin Dab Adaptor

Puffin Dab Adaptor

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Introducing the Puffin Dab Adaptor, the smartest way to consume your vape products with any rig! Forged in the minds of users like yourself, the dab adaptor is where innovation meets smoking technology. Tested rigorously to guarantee satisfaction, we left no stone unturned to ensure a quality product. Welcome to the revolution, it's time to elevate your smoking experience!

Interfaces with nearly any vape pen, pod technology or flower vape on the market currently. Large borehole allowing for maximum airflow. 13-20mm tapered cylindrical base designed to be compatible with nearly any rig. Keyring feature for increased mobility. Ergonomic finger cutouts for improved grip stability.

Premium quality, heat-resistant, food-grade silicone designed to withstand extensive wear and tear.

Sandblasted finish resulting in a non-stick grip with seamless vape insertion.

Extremely mobile with adaptation to any smoking apparatus, there isn't a scenario your Puffin Adaptor isn't suited for!

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